Why Executives Should Be Directly Accessible to Customers

My mother-in-law, who has onset dementia, forgot to hang up when calling her relatives in the Philippines and wracked-up a 239-minute, $723 call as a result. No, the call won’t automatically disconnect on international cell calls even if one party hangs up (or at least it didn’t in this case). It is a mistake anyone can make.


It’s one of those valuable life assets you cannot buy with money, garner through talent or earn with hard work. Perspective comes with time and reflection as you consider successes, trails, mistakes, failures and circumstances.

When Design Doesn’t Work

Is there a time when design doesn’t work for a company, service or product? I don’t mean a design that doesn’t sit right with you. I’m talking about design with a capital “D” which, when applied correctly, is actually unnecessary or even counterproductive.

Class & Design

Like it or not, design has class. And no, I don’t mean it’s classy as in elegant or fashionable, although design is a very trendy business world accessory. And I don’t mean design has class as in groups that share common attributes. I mean design has class as in an artificial social hierarchy — much …

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What Is Design?

Do you ever have difficulty explaining to others, let alone your mother, what exactly it is that you do for a living, or what design actually is? It seems that when I try to explain design, I get hung up somewhere between explaining the process, and giving a laundry list of outcomes (e.g., brochure, logo, …

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