Why Executives Should Be Directly Accessible to Customers

My mother-in-law, who has onset dementia, forgot to hang up when calling her relatives in the Philippines and wracked-up a 239-minute, $723 call as a result. No, the call won’t automatically disconnect on international cell calls even if one party hangs up (or at least it didn’t in this case). It is a mistake anyone can make.

TW – don’t worry

Clients who say "don't worry about copy, focus on design", reveal a lack of understanding about the relationship between the two. — frankmcclung (@frankmcclung) July 30, 2017

TW – startup web budget

Most startups I encounter have a completely unrealistic budget & expectation for web design. They spend more on office furniture. — frankmcclung (@frankmcclung) March 13, 2017

TW: webdesign pricing

The evolution of web design pricing: '95-'97 low volume, low price; '97-'05 high volume, high price; '05-'16 high volume, low to no price. — frankmcclung (@frankmcclung) May 18, 2016

TW: Ask too much

Maybe web designers ask too much of clients when they craft beautiful websites and then expect clients to keep it that way. — frankmcclung (@frankmcclung) March 10, 2015

TW: Undercharging

If you think you're undercharging for your services then you definitely are. — frankmcclung (@frankmcclung) March 31, 2015

TW: Cool Designer Tip

How to be a cool design firm tip #1: Open office in old building downtown. Expose brick walls & beams. Hang your concept work on walls. — frankmcclung (@frankmcclung) October 20, 2015

TW: Customers

The way your customers say you do business is the way you actually do business. — frankmcclung (@frankmcclung) January 15, 2016

TW: Website Cost

I've found most small businesses of less than 15 employees don't want to spend more than $5000 on a new website. — frankmcclung (@frankmcclung) January 19, 2016

When Design Doesn’t Work

Is there a time when design doesn’t work for a company, service or product? I don’t mean a design that doesn’t sit right with you. I’m talking about design with a capital “D” which, when applied correctly, is actually unnecessary or even counterproductive.

Misperceptions of a Citizen Designer

I would wager that the vast majority of the people reading this entry consider graphic design to be quite important. Just how important is the question. Most graphic designers acknowledge that with our profession comes an uncertain degree of social responsibility.

Cleanup on Aisle 5

Note: Since this article was first written in 2006, WalMart has completely redesigned their Great Value brand twice. Maybe they read this post? I just have to get this off my chest. It’s been grinding at my soul for several years now, and I can’t escape confessing this.

Dumbed Down

Not too long ago, I went to Lowe’s to see about lumber donations for a community service project. We were trying to build a skatepark for youth in our city. I’d turned in a letter to Lowe’s and was following up as our build date is quickly approaching. I knew it was a bad sign …

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Design as a Servant

While on vacation in Birmingham, I had to rush my wife to the emergency room at the local hospital. Although I am somewhat familiar with the area, I had not visited this particular hospital in several years.

MFA the New MBA

For aspiring and practicing designers  who may feel a little intimidated by your client or manager’s hard earned business degree take heart — your art and design background is the future of the new economy.