It’s one of those valuable life assets you cannot buy with money, garner through talent or earn with hard work. Perspective comes with time and reflection as you consider successes, trails, mistakes, failures and circumstances.

When Design Doesn’t Work

Is there a time when design doesn’t work for a company, service or product? I don’t mean a design that doesn’t sit right with you. I’m talking about design with a capital “D” which, when applied correctly, is actually unnecessary or even counterproductive.

Class & Design

Like it or not, design has class. And no, I don’t mean it’s classy as in elegant or fashionable, although design is a very trendy business world accessory. And I don’t mean design has class as in groups that share common attributes. I mean design has class as in an artificial social hierarchy — much …

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What Is Design?

Do you ever have difficulty explaining to others, let alone your mother, what exactly it is that you do for a living, or what design actually is? It seems that when I try to explain design, I get hung up somewhere between explaining the process, and giving a laundry list of outcomes (e.g., brochure, logo, …

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Misperceptions of a Citizen Designer

I would wager that the vast majority of the people reading this entry consider graphic design to be quite important. Just how important is the question. Most graphic designers acknowledge that with our profession comes an uncertain degree of social responsibility.

Red Pill, Blue Pill

CREATOR: I imagine that right now you’re feeling a bit like Alice. Tumbling down the rabbit hole? DESIGNER: You could say that. CREATOR: I can see it in your eyes. You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees because he’s expecting to wake up. Ironically, this is not far from the truth. …

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Making Sausage

My old advertising boss used to tell our customers, “You don’t want to watch us make the sausage.” He grew up in Mississippi, and knew what went into those tasty treats you find on your breakfast plate.

With age comes ___?

Creativity. It’s so often relegated to the young. In almost every profession from music to art to design to sports to entertainment to business, our society idolizes youth as the fountain of creativity.

Intelligent Design

Well, it’s official. A federal judge declared Intelligent Design (ID) “religious”. The ID theory proposes that some forms of life are so complex that they must have an intelligent designer behind them.

Dumbed Down

Not too long ago, I went to Lowe’s to see about lumber donations for a community service project. We were trying to build a skatepark for youth in our city. I’d turned in a letter to Lowe’s and was following up as our build date is quickly approaching. I knew it was a bad sign …

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Coffee, Wolves & Design

In the early 1990’s, my wife and I visited her sister at the University of Washington’s main campus in Seattle. While there we were struck by the vibrant community life around the campus. I wondered what was powering this electric atmosphere.

Design as a Servant

While on vacation in Birmingham, I had to rush my wife to the emergency room at the local hospital. Although I am somewhat familiar with the area, I had not visited this particular hospital in several years.

MFA the New MBA

For aspiring and practicing designers  who may feel a little intimidated by your client or manager’s hard earned business degree take heart — your art and design background is the future of the new economy.

Right Design Gone Wrong

While studying in Taiwan several years ago, I was struck by the workspaces there — large open rooms filled with row upon row people hunched over ’50s styled desks. I wondered how anyone was able to work with folks talking in your ears from all sides.