Prince Patent

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“People who go around trying to invent something fall on their tails.
The best inventions come from people who are deeply involved in trying to solve a problem.”
– Howard Head, Racket Inventor

Howard Head

In the early 1970s retired engineer Howard Head decided to take up tennis. After spending thousands of dollars and hours on lessons and practice, he was still an awful player. Then Howard discovered that to make perfect contact with the ball, it had to hit the racket in a very small area called the “sweet spot”. He realized by increasing the size of the sweet spot, he could improve his game.1


At first he tried increasing the sweet spot area with a standard sized racket but was unsuccessful. After months of experimentation Howard’s eureka moment came from his engineering background. By applying physics principles he found that a small increase in the width of the racket’s head resulted in a much larger sweet spot.2 The Prince oversized racket was born and with it a tennis revolution.

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