Why Executives Should Be Directly Accessible to Customers

My mother-in-law, who has onset dementia, forgot to hang up when calling her relatives in the Philippines and wracked-up a 239-minute, $723 call as a result. No, the call won’t automatically disconnect on international cell calls even if one party hangs up (or at least it didn’t in this case). It is a mistake anyone can make.


While visiting Kent State University's fashion design museum I spotted this 1940's boy's sweater with P-38 Lightning and parachutes. pic.twitter.com/UZZvb3Ip6s — frankmcclung (@frankmcclung) March 6, 2018


"How we build websites and software comes down to how we think. The churn of tools, methods, and abstractions also signify the replacement of ideology. A person must usually think in a way similar to the people who created the tools to successfully use them." – Frank Chimero — frankmcclung (@frankmcclung) February 16, 2018

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Lots of gold in this recent post (https://t.co/XH8cDmacXq ) by David Baker @ReCourses like "Your positioning—at its heart—is something that other firms are not saying!" — frankmcclung (@frankmcclung) November 17, 2017

TW – strong preferences

When clients express strong preferences before the creative process begins, they limit the possibilities to discover unique design solutions — frankmcclung (@frankmcclung) September 4, 2017

TW – don’t worry

Clients who say "don't worry about copy, focus on design", reveal a lack of understanding about the relationship between the two. — frankmcclung (@frankmcclung) July 30, 2017

TW – startup web budget

Most startups I encounter have a completely unrealistic budget & expectation for web design. They spend more on office furniture. — frankmcclung (@frankmcclung) March 13, 2017

TW – white boards

So impressive when design firms show pics of big whiteboards with multicolored sticky notes, flow charts, and people pointing at things. — frankmcclung (@frankmcclung) September 30, 2016

tw – whitespace

Client: Pleaseremovethewhitespace. Me: White space is good. — frankmcclung (@frankmcclung) December 13, 2016

TW: webdesign pricing

The evolution of web design pricing: '95-'97 low volume, low price; '97-'05 high volume, high price; '05-'16 high volume, low to no price. — frankmcclung (@frankmcclung) May 18, 2016

TW: Ask too much

Maybe web designers ask too much of clients when they craft beautiful websites and then expect clients to keep it that way. — frankmcclung (@frankmcclung) March 10, 2015

TW: Undercharging

If you think you're undercharging for your services then you definitely are. — frankmcclung (@frankmcclung) March 31, 2015

TW: below fold

"Below the fold" is a print term. Quit trying to apply it to a responsive, mobile web. — frankmcclung (@frankmcclung) April 10, 2015

TW: Best Work

Before hiring a designer, ask them to show you their best work–then have them explain why. — frankmcclung (@frankmcclung) October 8, 2015

TW: screens

It's a shame most people have such washed out, overly bright screens that they cannot see the subtle beauty in most web design. — frankmcclung (@frankmcclung) October 9, 2015

TW: Cool Designer Tip

How to be a cool design firm tip #1: Open office in old building downtown. Expose brick walls & beams. Hang your concept work on walls. — frankmcclung (@frankmcclung) October 20, 2015

TW: Team Sport

Design is a team sport. Become an artist if you prefer to go it alone. — frankmcclung (@frankmcclung) November 13, 2015

TW: For free

If a designer or firm offers to do something for free to gain your business, run away–far away. — frankmcclung (@frankmcclung) November 23, 2015

TW: good design

A lot of what passes for "good design" today is really just great photography. — frankmcclung (@frankmcclung) December 5, 2015

TW: Customers

The way your customers say you do business is the way you actually do business. — frankmcclung (@frankmcclung) January 15, 2016