It’s one of those valuable life assets you cannot buy with money, garner through talent or earn with hard work. Perspective comes with time and reflection as you consider successes, trails, mistakes, failures and circumstances.

It’s been almost 10 years since I left my career in the Air Force and started a new one as a designer. My jump into design was more out of necessity than any grand scheme. I had no formal design training, but was fortunate enough to work with designers and creative professionals during my last five years in the Air Force. Of course, working with pilots didn’t make me one either, but design was a world I gravitated toward and seemed to have some natural talent.

If the young, talented and quite brilliant designers and developers of today had been around at that time, I probably would have been too intimidated to try my hand at design. But back then, everyone was new to the web design field and the bar for excellence wasn’t terribly high. Plus, there was a prevalent idea that design could change the world. It is from this mindset that I wrote all the posts previous to this one. And though I’ve moved on from much of my idealistic thinking about design, I leave them for you to read as you take your own journey.

Three years have passed since I last wrote in this journal. This long sabbatical has afforded me time to acquire a little perspective. I hope to share thoughts, ideas, experiences with you that are informed out of ten years of designing communications for businesses and individuals. And I hope you’ll share your perspective as well.